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Trusted by families since 1942, Jennings provides provides choices as unique as each individual. We deliver quality care with joy and compassion.


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Jennings supports individuals through life’s changes and challenges with residences and services that emphasize choice and person-directed care.

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Physical advantages of safe movement

Physical advantages of safe movement

Musculoskeletal injuries sustained on the job by healthcare workers are one of the highest among all professions, even more than construction.

Jennings introduced the safe movement program in 2006 to prevent injuries that result from moving and assisting residents and patients across all care settings. This equipment – ceiling lifts, fast rising electric beds, and sit to stand lifts – combined with ongoing education and the addition of equipment has made a tangible impact for staff and residents.

The continuing goal of Jennings’ safe movement program is to promote the safety of nursing home residents and staff by reducing injuries related to lifting and transferring. Resident Jean Bersceni advocates “I couldn’t get along without it,” she said. She emphasized that it is a comfortable way for her to move from her bed to a chair, and in comparison to being lifted or using a mobile lift, she feels, “It’s a lot safer.”

The early days of this program were part of a grant and research project that studied the results after just one year. Staff member injuries for lifting and transferring were reduced by 57%, resulting in a 93% reduction in paid worker compensation claims. In addition to the reduction in modified work days, Jennings saved $116, 821 for just one year; its worker’s compensation rate has continued to decline and remains steady. The real story is how this innovative technology impacts a human being: a caregiver.

Jennings’ care partner Wanda Gallardo said that for much of her career, her whole body would hurt after a shift. She said she was amazed when she found out about the equipment: “I thought ‘Wow; this is much better!’ I don’t have to use my back and shoulders the same way, so it feels good at the end of the day.”

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