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Trusted by families since 1942, Jennings provides provides choices as unique as each individual. We deliver quality care with joy and compassion.


Change your address, not your lifestyle! Jennings has four Northeast Ohio locations to serve you with exceptional choices in residences and services.

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Jennings supports individuals through life’s changes and challenges with residences and services that emphasize choice and person-directed care.

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Connection to faith and mission inspired donor's support

Jacque Hoyt first came to know Jennings in the nineties during her role as an investment banker, working with Jennings to secure financing when the organization set out on its expansion to add assisted living, adult day services and expanded child care to the Garfield Heights campus. She quickly connected with Jennings' then- President and CEO Martha Kutik, the Sisters of the Holy Spirit and the board of directors. "You just felt it - they're just wonderful people," Mrs. Hoyt recalls. "You immediately saw the good in their hearts. Even on a shoestring they were able to provide top quality care equal to any organization that might have greater resources."

Not long after, Jennings was seeking additional members for its board of directors. Joining the board began a long relationship with Jennings, where Mrs. Hoyt is a past Chairperson and Lifetime Member of the Board of Directors and now serves as a Member of the Corporation, the organizational structure that ensures Jennings' Catholicity now and into the future. "To me, that is such an important role and is so meaningful. It's a great honor to help in this way given the number of people who are connected to Jennings and to the Sisters."
In addition to board roles, Mrs. Hoyt has supported Jennings in a number of philanthropic ways, including a planned gift. She says that philanthropy helps "give back to an organization that has given so much to me." She credits the mission, vision and values as the bedrock of the organization, where she feels like family. "It shows when a person walks through the front door," she explains. "Never have I seen an organization that truly lives those values and their mission like Jennings. It's really remarkable."

She has been impressed by the way Jennings has adapted in the face of changes such as funding, regulation and workforce as compared to the many well managed organizations that she has engaged with during her career. "I would hold the leadership team - back in the day and today - to any top-notch leadership team. It's really impressive. Your ability to grow while remaining true to the fundamentals of who you are as an organization has amplified Jennings' resiliency."

"As Catholics, we are taught to love our neighbor and...those with lesser means, so the Jennings mission aligns closely to my values," explains Mrs. Hoyt. "It's really helped to draw me closer. That connection of knowing that the Catholic faith is core to Jennings and to see how it drives everything it does is meaningful. It takes a huge collaboration and teamwork and it's selfless - not about any one person. I admire and respect Jennings for that."

Mrs. Hoyt says she feels blessed to have the ability to give back. Like many, she says it's a natural progression to give back as a person grows in their career and begins to have the capacity to do so. "I can't think of another organization more deserving than Jennings."

Mrs. Hoyt says she appreciates not only that it is easy to give to Jennings in many different ways, but that the organization gives confidence by communicating how donations are being used. She believes that the impact of philanthropy has helped with special projects like safe movement and fall protection flooring. "You want to be able to provide that to your staff, you want to be able to protect everyone and give the best," Mrs. Hoyt explains. " That's what I love about Jennings: you really care. It feels good to be able to be a small part in helping."

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"We've always felt that with our capacity we have an obligation to contribute to things that are important to us."

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