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Why Jennings?

Trusted by families since 1942, Jennings provides provides choices as unique as each individual. We deliver quality care with joy and compassion.


Change your address, not your lifestyle! Jennings has four Northeast Ohio locations to serve you with exceptional choices in residences and services.

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Jennings supports individuals through life’s changes and challenges with residences and services that emphasize choice and person-directed care.

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You can make a difference in the lives of older adults! Support from friends like you brings fulfillment to our work and joy to the people we serve.

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Spirit and Splendor 2022

Spirit and Splendor 2022

Thank you for supporting Jennings' mission at Spirit and Splendor 2022. We were thrilled to have your support this year for Spirit and Splendor. With your help we were able raise $109,799! We are so grateful for the part you play in our celebration of life here at Jennings.

We had such fun being in person with everyone again at Tenk. Your generosity is breathtaking, and we appreciate you: sponsors, guests, and those participating from home helped us raise funds to make a difference in the lives of older adults.

Throughout the night, guests enjoyed the live music of Mojo Cats, silent auctions, random raffles and sideboards ahead of the live auction. What a joy that Board Member Fr. Walt Jenne blessed the meal and guests; he has been involved with Jennings for 47 of our 80 years! Together with Jennings Board Chair Dr. Robert Eckardt, we celebrated not only our ruby anniversary, but the spirit of innovation that enables us to constantly serve in better ways. In addressing guests, Jennings President and CEO Allison Q. Salopeck said, “the spirit of innovation lies at the very heart of our ministry. The Sisters of the Holy Spirit and Monsignor Gilbert Jennings saw needs in the world that were unmet and sought to create innovative ways to serve God’s people…Jennings mission isn’t just about doing our best, it’s about doing better. Your funds help us with responding to tools, practices, technology and ways of life that help us do better for others.

“What’s next? What do people want? What can we dream …phrases we’ve all heard and said like- think outside the box, work smarter not harder, imagine the possibilities- they are all part of our spirit of innovation. What’s next is out there and it’s waiting on us to dream it, find it and implement it. We will continue to inspire our staff, residents and families to explore and share their big ideas. We are reaching out to our universities and business partners to keep this spirit of innovation and never stop dreaming and never stop searching. Residents today and tomorrow deserve our best but they need our better. We need our better.“

Thank you to the volunteers that helped us prepare and make the night such a success, including resident volunteers who crafted the table centerpieces! Thanks to our emcee and auctioneer Bob Hale, and everyone at Marigold Catering and Events at Tenk and Hughie's Event Production Services for their excellence that elevated this year’s event.

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